How to Fix Front Crooked, Broken or Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in hour Ahmedabad Gujarat India

How to Fix Front Crooked, Broken or Missing Teeth with dental implants in hour Ahmedabad Gujarat India G2

How to Fix Front Crooked, Broken or Missing Teeth with dental implants in hour Ahmedabad Gujarat India

This video demonstrates removal of the upper central incisors and Lateral incisors. Immediate placement of two implants and PMMA Dental Bridge temporary prosthesis. Later on restored with two crowns and four unit fixed dental bridge.

The Fastest Way to Get your Beautiful Smile in One Hour

Crooked, broken, chipped or missing teeth to beautiful align teeth
* No Incision
* No Suture 
* No Pain
* Same Day Implants Placed
* Same Day Fix Teeth 

Procedure-Digital Dental Implants in Hour Video
Review-New Digital Dental Implants in Hour Video

New Digital Dental Implants in Hour Procedure Concept 

Teeth in an Hour™ is a new concept that streamlines the treatment process and provides the patient with Teeth in record time. The system incorporates the latest advantages of CT Scans and 3-D imaging software to accurately evaluate the jaw bone structure, diagram out the areas of best quality/quantity, and create a permanent restoration prior the dental implants surgery. 

By utilising this revolutionary system, Dr Bharat Agravat’s Smile in Hour Cosmetic Clinic can offer you a more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants and provides patients with permanent teeth in less than an hour.

Traditionally, dental implants have been associated with extended healing times, high costs and patient discomfort. Teeth-in-an-Hour allows Dr. Bharat Agravat to provide his patients with fixed, well-functioning and attractive teeth on dental implants in a single one-hour procedure.

Dental Implants in One Day Reviews…

Miss JOLLY came to Dr Agravat One Day Implants Clinic Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with top front Crooked, broken, chipped and missing teeth. Her quality of life had dramatically decreased and she could no longer enjoy the things she loved. We chose the teeth in an hour procedure to restore jolly’s smile and give her back her confidence.

In less than an hour, Ms Jolly had a new, dental implant supported bridge to replace her existing teeth. And it was all completed without any Stitches! and Incision!

“I was absolutely amazed. The whole appointment was finished within 40 minutes. I suffered from no pain at all and was eating full meals the same day.

I was so embarrassed by the state of my front Crooked, broken, chipped and missing teeth that I barely smiled. My confidence was affected. And I was finding it increasingly difficult to chew and taste food and had stopped enjoying meals which was really miserable. But now I feel bright and confident again. It has transformed how I feel and I can eat again without any problems.

My whole life has completely changed from the very day my new teeth were fitted. I had no pain or swelling and was even biting a sandwich for the first time in 20 years on the evening of my implant surgery. I look and feel fantastic. 

Thanks you all so much for everything you have done for me” – Ms Jolly

About Dr Bharat Agravat Cosmetic, Laser & Implant Dentistry World.. 

? Dr. Bharat Agravat Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon setting new benchmarks of excellence with 18 distinguished awards, 20 years experienced. He is belonging from a well-known family of specialist doctors, Dr. Agravat Group. He is a Graduate from the prestigious Government Dental Collage and Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, With an American University they have now scaled new heights and achieved cutting edge knowledge with the latest in implant dentistry in the world.

  • Clinical Mastership in Implant Dentistry from New York University USA. (Gujarat’s First)
  • Advanced Education in Implant Dentistry at Harvard University School of Dental Medicine USA (Gujarat’s First)
  • Min-Residency  in Advanced Endodontics from University at Buffalo USA. (Gujarat’s First)
  • Online Externship Implant Fellowship Program with DentalXP & NYU Dentistry at Atlanta, USA. (Gujarat’s First)
  • World Records India” holder for Dental Tourism. “First Time in The World & India’s First” Dental Travel Android Mobile Apps.
  • Patented Innovations in Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry related Product “One Touch Smile”
  • Diplomate & Fellow at the International Congress of Oral Implantologist – DICOI & FICOI, USA
  • Fellow and Executive Council Member of Indian Society of Oral Implantologist – ISOI
  • Expert Authors from Ezine Articles USA. (India’s First)
  • Associate with International Organisation like “American Academy of Implant Dentistry-AAID
  • Ex Lecturer at Darshan Dental Collage in Udaipur, Rajasthan and Mahadevia Dental Collage Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Former President of Indian Dental Association (IDA) and MTV Medical Association Ahmedabad India.

 ? Dr Bharat Agravat is an award-winning dental surgeon having received the Prestigious Award by….

  • Gujarat state Governor His Excellency Krishnapal Singh, Home Minister Shri Amit Sha andEducational Chairman Shri Suresh Patel.
  • Government Dental Collage & Hospital Dean Dr. K H Shah, Ahmedabad.
  • APMC Vice Chairman Shri Hitesh Barot in year 2007.
  • Accelerated Dental Learning Center (U.S.A.) in year 2006.
  • “YOU ARE THE PILLARS OF PERFECTION” Committed to Dental Excellence given by the President Dr. S.G. Damle Indian Dental Association in year 2006.
  • Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry in year 2003.

? Dr. Bharat Agravat is considered as one of the best professional cosmetic implantologist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for providing top-class dental treatments in India since 1999. He offers a comprehensive range of Cosmetic, Restorative, Endodontics, and Child Dental Care treatments, and Dental Implants.

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